Constitution of the Board

Brig R. S. Matharu, SM, President Cantonment Board

Sh. Anuj Goel
Chief Executive Officer

Sh. Ajay Kumar,
Vice President,
Ward - III

Smt. Laxmi Devi,
Elected Member, Ward-I

Elected Member, Ward - II

Sh. Raju Bali,
Elected Member, Ward - IV

Sh. Surinder Kumar,
Elected Member, Ward - V

Sh. Virender Kumar,
Elected Member, Ward - VI

Sh. Sunny,
Elected Member, Ward - VII

Smt. Neelam Rani,
Elected Member - VIII

Brig Vijay Mathur, SEMO,
Ex-Officio Member

Col. Mohit Thapa,
Nominated Member

Col. Vibhor Pant,
Nominated Member

Col. Nipoon Sood,
Nominated Member

Sh. N N Langhe, GE(S),
Ex-Officio Member