Main Branch

The office Superintendent coordinates the overall office network. It coordinates between various branches/ sections of the office, preparing agenda for Board meetings, preparation of Electoral rolls and coordinating various other National level programs like pulse polio etc.

Birth and Death Branch

Birth/Death Registration:-

The normal period of 21 days (from the date of occurrence) has been prescribed for reporting the birth, death and still birth events. Birth/ death registration is mandatory for obtaining birth and death certificates.

The events of birth and death are registered at the place of occurrence of the event i.e. where the event took place. Cantonment board Ambala is responsible for recording all the birth and death events that occur within the limits of Ambala Cantonment and are reported about.

Who are responsible for reporting the event?

In respect of birth or death occurred in a house, it is the duty of the Head of the house/household or nearest relative of the head present in the house or in the absence of any such person, the oldest male person present therin during the said period is responsible to report the event to the concerned Registrar/ sub Registrar. These events can also be reported through the prescribed Notifiers such as Anaganwadi Workers, ANM’s, ASHA’s and others.

In respect of birth or death occurred in a hospital, health center, Maternity or nursing home or other such institutions, the medical officer In-charge or any person authorized by him in this behalf is responsible for reporting.

So only the birth/death events that occur in a house are required to be reported to the registrar with in a time limit of 21 days from the occurrence of the event for its registration.

Birth/Death Certificates:-

Birth /Death certificates can be obtained from office of The Registrar by submitting an application in prescribed format and after paying the prescribed fee.

Note:- Computer generated Birth/Death certificates containing facsimile signatures of The Registrar, obtained from CRS website or e-Disha centre are valid as per Rule 2 Sub rule 5 of the Haryana Birth and Death Registration Rules 2015 and the authenticity of such certificates can be tested using the QR printed on the certificate.

Establishment Branch

To deal with entire establishment cases such as appointment, disciplinary cases, service matters, revision of pay scale and correspondence to Command Headquarters/governments.

Receipt& Dispatch Branch

It deals with all the Correspondence/ Communications after making entries with particulars of subject.

Store Branch

Store branch play a vital role in the functioning of the organization. All departments are in the direct contact with the stores for their smooth functioning. It deal with receiving of material and recording of receipts, issue of storage items to the departments, arranging inspection and proper storage and preservation of receipts and preparation of various reports.